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Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Doug Ford’s Bill 23 destroys existing affordable housing & builds more luxury condos! Scrap it NOW

"Doug Ford is back and this time with a Housing Bill that is devastating for low- and moderate-income renters. Recently, the PC Government introduced the More Homes Built Faster 2022 Act (Bill 23) claiming that it will be a new solution to the housing crisis in Ontario. But, the Bill is simply a way to build many more luxury condos and takes away years of gains that ACORN members and allies have painstakingly won in achieving stronger affordable housing policies and stronger tenant protections in case of renovations/demolitions in various cities.

The Bill will intensify the housing crisis by accelerating evictions and homelessness. Send a quick letter to the Premier Doug Ford, Housing Minister Steve Clark, your local MPP, your City Councillor and your Mayor. The cities are worried and need to be as the Bill takes away powers they have to protect tenants’ rights and build real affordable housing."

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