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Core Burlington - Aggregate Extration - Ontario Land Tribunal

Bill 23 – the More Homes Built Faster Act – will take away residents’ rights to appeal decisions that rezone land for aggregate extraction.

For CORE Burlington this means we won’t have a voice at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) to oppose the Nelson Aggregate application for expansion and will have to rely solely on municipal government and local agencies to speak for us.

This is part of the Ford government’s intensifying assault on communities and the lands we steward, putting the interest of developers ahead of the constituents they represent. But everywhere residents and workers are standing up to take community power back. The Ford government tried to take away education workers’ right to strike and they made him blink. Thousands stood up with education workers and said, no matter what your view is, you cannot take away folks’ fundamental right to express their views and convey their aspiration for fair conditions. Thousands joined picket lines to say, this is a line you cannot cross. CORE Burlington in conjunction with the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition is pushing back. Our communities, on the front lines of ensuring the province is liveable for future generations, are saying: you cannot take away residents’ rights to have a voice in planning and development decisions that affect us all. With collective efforts, we can make a difference – we can protect forests, wetlands, Conservation Lands and the Greenbelt from becoming lost forever to development.

We are asking you to take an action to push back against Bill 23 and join the growing province-wide movement to make your valued voice heard!

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