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'Cutting an onion with a chainsaw': York Region slams Ontario's Bill 23

"York Regional Council has added its voice to growing alarm over the province’s proposed Bill 23, "More Homes Built Faster Act", saying it has massive implications and will not help solve the housing crisis.

Regional council agreed at a meeting Oct. 10 to ask the province to halt the bill, as mayors expressed outrage over the speed with which it was rushed through.

“It’s flawed in so many ways,” Newmarket Mayor John Taylor said.

Taylor said some of the actions in the bill are “not even remotely realistic” and will lead to less parkland, higher property taxes and less environmental protections.

“I think we have to take a really strong stand,” he said. “We can fix this. We can work with them. We need to get a message out quickly.”

The region is asking the province to make time to work with them in a more meaningful way."

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