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Leal writes letter opposing Bill 23 on behalf of City of Peterborough

"Councillors voted Monday to allow Mayor Jeff Leal’s seven-page letter to Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark, outlining the city’s concerns about Bill 23, the province’s new More Homes Built Faster Act, to be the only one sent to Queen’s Park on the matter.

Coun. Joy Lachica had moved that council further demand a repeal of the More Homes Built Faster Act, citing its potential impact on wetlands — but council didn’t go for it.

Leal said he thought city staff did “an incredible job” poring over the bill and analyzing its implications, and that informed “a very comprehensive response” to Clark.

Leal didn’t think a second letter from council was necessary.

“This motion (from Lachica) is kind of redundant,” Leal said.

Coun. Keith Riel and Coun. Kevin Duguay both said the mayor’s letter would suffice.

However Lachica said “it’s just timely and symbolic” to express strong opposition to the bill ..."

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