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List of Speaker: Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy

Watch some of the videos on the 50by30 Waterloo Region Youtube Channel.

Thank you to Laura N

Nov. 16, 2022

9am Housing Assessment Resource Tools Project

Carolyn Whitzman, Expert Advisor

More Neighbours Toronto

Eric Lombardi, Advocate

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario

Douglas Kwan, Director, Advocacy and Legal Services

1:00 p.m. Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness

Kira Heineck, Executive Director

Hemson Consulting

Craig Binning, Partner

Ontario Alliance to End Homelessness

Jennifer van Gennip, Co-chair

2pm Cement Association of Canada

Adam Auer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bart Kanters, President, Concrete Ontario

Building Industry and Land Development Assocation

Dave Wilkes, President and Chief Executive Officer

Habitat for Humanity

Ene Underwood, Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity GTA

Greg Fryer, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce

3pm Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA)

Marlene Coffey, Chief Executive Officer

Ontario's Big City Mayors

Cam Guthrie, Chair

Homes For Heroes Foundation

Jacqueline Howard, Director of Planning & Development

4pm Environmental Defence

Phil Pothen, Counsel and Ontario Environment Program Manager

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Peggy Brekveld, President

Federation of South Toronto Residents' Associations

Don Young, Co-Chair, Advocacy and Activism Committee, Director/Ward 11

Richard Green, Chair, Federation of South Toronto Residents' Associations

5pm Alejandra Ruiz Vargas

ACORN Tenants Group

Paula Fletcher, City Councillor

Toronto Councillor

Friends of Kensington Market

Serena Purdy, Chair, Board of Directors

Nov 17, 2022

9am Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON)

Richard Lyall, President

Watson and Associates Economists Limited

Gary Scandlan, Managing Partner

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

Mauro Ritacca, Senior Manager, Government Relations

1pm City of Toronto

Gregg Lintern, Chief Planner

Kerri Voumvakis, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Policy and Analysis, City Planning

Jeffrey Cantos, Manager, Official Plan

Deanna Chorney, Manager, Policy

Jane Welsh, Project Manager, Environment

Mary MacDonald, Senior Manager, Heritage

Paul Farish, Manager, Parks

Andrew Flynn, Controller

Stephen Conforti, Executive Director, Financial Planning

Shirley Siu, Senior Financial Analyst

C.D. Howe Institute

Benjamin Dachis, Associate Vice President, Public Affairs

Canadians for Properly Built Homes

Karen Somerville, President

2pm Toronto Region Board of Trade

Craig Ruttan, Senior Director, Policy

The Atmospheric Fund

Bryan Purcell, Vice President, Policy and Programs

The Rose Corporation

Sam Reisman, Chief Executive Officer

3pm Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario Division

Camille Quenneville, Chief Executive Officer

Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario

Tony Irwin, President and Chief Executive Officer

Asquith Allen, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Canadian Centre for Housing Rights

Bahar Shadpour, Director Policy and Communications

Emma Bell-Scollan, Senior Policy Advisor

4pm West End Home Builders' Association

Mike Collins-Williams, Chief Executive Officer

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Chandra Sharma, Chief Administrative Officer

Leilani Lee Yates, Director, Planning and Development

David Deluce, Senior Manger


Gary Gladstone, Lead, Stakeholder Relations

5pm The Shift

Leilani Farha, Global Director

The Town of the Blue Mountains

Rob Sampson, Town Councillor

Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations in Toronto (CORRA)

William H. Roberts, Chair

Veronica Wynne, Secretary

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