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Mobilize Arts & Culture

"If we are to tackle the climate emergency with the necessary speed and scale, we need everyone on board. And who better to lead this transformation than the artists and cultural leaders among us? The arts and culture sector in Canada has a significant role to play in creating the political and cultural shifts needed for real systemic change.

What would a climate and ecological emergency plan look like for the arts and culture sector?

For more inspiring murals and arts ideas, check out the School for Climate. The School for Climate was created to empower artists to convey what a vision rooted in climate justice looks like, what a different cultural story feels like, and the role each community and industry can play in bringing that reality to fruition. Leveraging creative skillsets, the School for Climate develops creative experiences; from artwork to immersive environments, to express the power of climate solutions.

And check out the terrific videos created by Artists for Real Climate Action (ARCA) here."

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