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North-South Environmental Inc: ERO Reponse

"Open Letter to the Province on Proposed Bill 23: A Need To Integrate Nature and Affordable Housing

With the recent announcement of changes to natural environment planning in Ontario proposed as part of Bill 23 and the potential implications arising from these changes, we feel the need to add our concerns as consulting ecologists and to provide our perspective; a technical perspective from a firm that has been providing advice on natural heritage planning in Ontario for over 20 years; a perspective that should be considered in the changes proposed through Bill 23.

As an ecological consulting firm, we pride ourselves on taking an objective approach to our work that is founded on scientific principles and best practices. Paired with a team of highly qualified ecologists, this approach establishes a defendable position from which to provide our opinions and give advice to our clients. It is from this position as technical experts in ecology that we have contributed to a collective submission from a group of Ecologists and Water Resource Engineering consultants with decades of applied municipal land-use planning and environmental impact management experience in southern Ontario.

We have put this post forward for consideration as well as to provide advice related to proposed changes to natural environment policies and procedures that are intended to achieve “more homes built faster” while also “maintaining, restoring, and where possible, improving the diversity and connectivity of natural features in an area, and the long-term ecological function and biodiversity of natural heritage systems” (as paraphrased from section 2.1.2 of the PPS). #Bill23"

"North-South Environmental Inc. (NSE) founded in 1999 is an environmental consulting firm that now has a collective expertise that combines decades of experience in the earth and life sciences. NSE is highly respected for consulting services founded on sound scientific ability with strong analytical skills, supported by contemporary tools using spatial analysis (GIS)"

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