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Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Executive Director calls for pause

"Given the breadth and scope of the proposed changes within Bill 23, we have written to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy andstrongly urged them to defer a clause-by-clause review of the Bill in order to adequately assess the evidence provided in its entirety.

OFAH staff are currently conducting a critical review of the Bill and will be submitting an official response for all proposed amendments that are relevant to OFAH members, anglers, hunters, and anyone who values Ontario biodiversity and natural spaces.

“Given the short span of time between the Nov. 17 deadline for Committee submissions and the Nov. 24 closing date for public consultation on several ERO notices we believe that it is effectively impossible for the Committee members to do their due diligence and review all relevant evidence and public comments with the critical analysis and debate that it deserves,” says Angelo Lombardo, OFAH Executive Director.

We’ll have more to say on this following our official response to the Bill."

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