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Ontario Headwaters

"November 24, 2022

Dear Member of the Provincial Parliament,

The Ontario Headwaters Institute hopes you’ve been doing your research and seen the massive concerns about and opposition to Bill 23, the extensive list of its aligned amendments posted to the ERO, the proposed crave-outs of the Greenbelt, and the prospect of legislation revoking the protection of the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve. These efforts seek to abolish sound regional planning, terminate democratic norms, rip up environmental safeguards, and reduce access to legal recourse.

These are opposed and/or their flaws have been depicted by affordable housing advocates, architects, civil rights advocates, conservation authorities, farmers, health care professionals, housing advocates, municipalities, planners, and ecologists worried about the climate crisis, food security, natural heritage, and water.

For our part, an OHI petition seeking the withdrawal of the collective aberration led by Bill 23 is just brushing up against 2,000 signatories. We had hoped for 200 signatures, maybe 500, and feel there is a strong message it the actual number who support our small organization for each of you. You can see the petition at

We appeal to your commitment to represent the best interests of the people of your riding and all of Ontario by seeking the withdrawal of Bill 23 and its aligned efforts either in their entirety or to at least delay of its passage at least until appropriate background papers have been provided, on issues such as on the impacts of no more regional planning or who might deliver watershed planning if not conservation authorities, and an appropriate period of meaningful consultation, not legislative closure, has been pursued.


Andrew McCammon

Executive Director"

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