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Protests continue even after new Ontario housing act becomes law

"Criticism of Ontario's new housing act continues to mount even as the legislation, previously known as Bill 23, became law late last month.

A crowd of just over 100 people gathered near Ottawa City Hall Wednesday calling on Premier Doug Ford to repeal the More Homes Built Faster Act, previously known as Bill 23.

Critics say it will increase property taxes, lead to the loss of valuable wetlands and farmland, and do nothing to make housing more affordable for those who need it most.

"Once farmland is built into subdivisions we can't get it back. Once wetlands are drained we can't get them back," said protestor Andrea Sissons. "The value of leaving them intact outweighs any value compared to developing them."

Ford has said the new housing law will make it possible for Ontario to build 1.5 million homes in 10 years, mostly by freeing up land that was previously deemed not suitable for development."

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