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Submit feedback to Environmental Registry of Ontario on various aspects of Bill 23

Due Nov 24

Environmental Registry of Ontario Postings:

  • Proposed Planning Act and City of Toronto Act Changes

  • Proposed Planning Act and Development Charges Act Changes

  • Proposed Ontario Heritage Act Changes

  • Proposed Conservation Authorities Act and Regulatory Changes

  • Proposed Natural Hazards Regulatory Changes

  • Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Regulatory Changes

  • Proposed Changes to Ontario Regulation 299/19: Additional Residential Units

  • Proposed Supporting Growth and Housing in York and Durham Regions

Regulatory Registry Postings:

  • Proposed Municipal Act and City of Toronto Act Changes

  • Proposed Ontario Land Tribunal Act Changes

  • Proposed Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act Changes

  • Proposed New Home Construction Licensing Act Regulatory Changes

  • Proposed Building Code Regulatory Changes

The government is also undertaking a review of various housing and land use policies to identify and remove barriers to getting more homes built. We invite members of the public, municipal partners, and other stakeholders to share your thoughts and ideas on the following:

  • Provincial Policy Statement and A Place to Grow review proposal

  • Proposed Revocation of the Parkway Belt West Plan

  • Proposed Revocation of the Central Pickering Development Plan

  • Conserving Ontario’s Natural Heritage

  • Ontario Wetland Evaluation System Proposal

  • Potential measures to support Rent-to-Own

The content and documents for this has been crowdsourced.

It is unknown who created the extremely helpful document with suggested wording.

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